Why You Should Be Using Flyer Marketing

August 15, 2016 - 13 minutes read

flyer on door


Your small business should be using flyers to advertise! In this series, I’ll tell you all the reasons why flyer marketing works and then exactly how you can do it.

Why Flyer Marketing Works

Over the past three years, I’ve built a business around the idea that some of the oldest forms of advertising still work very well. In my opinion, they work better and better as many businesses attempt to switch entirely to online marketing and overlook the oldest tried-and-true advertising methods. As a result, I’ve worked to perfect a seemingly basic but powerful form of advertising: flyer marketing. Although I’m not convinced that it’s completely perfect yet, after designing and delivering over 150,000 flyers, I think we’re on to something! Now that we’ve generated a flyer marketing program that works, the best way to continue to develop that program is to teach it to you and see what you think!

flyer marketingI am writing seven different pieces detailing our flyer marketing program. Through the series, I will teach you exactly how to develop and successfully complete your own flyer campaigns. I’ll show you how to select a target audience and message for your campaign, design an eye-catching flyer, find affordable printing, monitor the flyer delivery using free GPS tracking, and even track the ROI of your campaign! My theory is that some of you will decide to take my advice and create your own program, while others might just decide to hire my company to do it for you. 🙂 Either way, any feedback or suggested changes are welcome as we continue to improve our service!

Before I get into the specifics of developing a flyer campaign, I’d like to convince you that flyer marketing is a great way to advertise your small or medium-sized business. In fact, I’d like to show you that in many cases, flyers should be the bedrock of your advertising efforts! Without further ado, here are five reasons why you should use flyer advertising for your business.

1. Flyers are CHEAP

marketing costsPrice is a huge deal for most small businesses, and even larger companies have to keep an eye on costs. A small scale test can cost as little as ten dollars, and a business can often see a return on investment from even that small amount of money. Flyers printed on your office printer cost just a few pennies each. Professionally printed flyers are even available online for a similar price. Considering that you can deliver the flyers to neighborhoods yourself when getting started, you can minimize labor costs as well.

If you later decide to scale up your flyer marketing efforts, you can still control the costs in a way that is difficult to replicate with other advertising options. In many cases, you’ll spend hundreds or thousands of dollars just getting started with TV, radio, newspaper, Google or other advertising platforms. That is not an option for a lot of businesses. DIY flyer advertising is not that costly. Plus, by testing your marketing ideas with low cost flyers, you will be much more confident about your strategy when implementing larger and pricier ad campaigns.

2. Flyers get a lot of attention

handing out flyersAdvertising is about grabbing someone’s attention and holding on for dear life. The average person is exposed to over 5,000 ads every day. How many do you remember? If you had a flyer on your front door this morning, you probably remember it. That is because flyers stand out! Especially now that so few businesses use them. It’s nearly impossible to ignore a piece of paper stuck to your front door or handed to you as you walk by.

Unfortunately, many businesses squander this attention with crappy and ineffective design. Since flyers are very easy to try, it’s not uncommon to see absolutely terrible flyers on your door. I’ve received flyers with paragraphs of worthless text, flyers with no contact information, and flyers rolled up with rubber bands that are almost impossible to open up! That’s a shame because it’s not difficult to design a good flyer that not only gets someone’s attention but also entices them to take action. I’ll spend a whole article detailing just how to do that! In the end though, it is safe to say that there aren’t many forms of advertising that receive as much attention as flyers.

3. Flyer marketing allows for great “targeting”

For many businesses, ideal customers often live nearby or in certain areas of town. If you own a brick and mortar business like a restaurant or auto repair shop, this is obvious. Over 90% of your business comes from people living within three miles of your location. Imagine if every single household in that three-mile radius received a flyer about your business. That is powerful targeting.

Other businesses (i.e. medical centers, contractors, insurance companies, etc.) attract individuals from almost any region of their town or city. Nevertheless, these businesses still have “ideal customers” and these customers tend to live in the same neighborhoods or regions of town. People tend to live near other people who are similar to them. Flyer marketing allows a business to use regional trends to target their ideal demographic very precisely.

neighborhood marketingIn fact, with flyers you can reach out to every single household in a particular area. Not many forms of marketing can do this. Your business may be running ads through Facebook, a radio channel, a magazine or Google, but none of those platforms can guarantee that every household in a particular area is using them. Every single household in that area does have a front door that a flyer can be delivered to though. 🙂

4. Flyers are easy to track

You can track the delivery of flyers, ensuring your message is reaching its intended target. GPS tracking has become really precise. In fact, I’ll show you in a later article how you can use a free fitness tracking app called Runkeeper to track a flyer delivery team with careful accuracy.

The reality is that few types of advertising allow this type of certainty. How do you know how many views a billboard ad receives, or how many people watched a TV ad rather than recording the show and skipping the ads? With the rise of ad blocking software, how do you know who viewed your ad online?

The reality is that tracking impressions is notoriously difficult in almost all forms of advertising. Fortunately, flyers are one of the easiest advertising methods to track! Plus, when you add tracking methods like tracking phone numbers and landing page urls to your flyers, you can also track the number of phone calls and online views that result from your flyers. We’ll address these tracking methods in a later article as well.

5. Flyers allow an immense amount of creativity and variety

marketing creativeMarketing requires a lot of creativity and testing. Every marketing agency and department brainstorms ideas of what they think people will like… and then they put the campaign out there and see what happens. With flyers, the opportunities for creativity are endless! You can try different shapes, sizes, colors, and any printed ideas you can think up. There are very few limitations. That’s a big reason why flyers are a good foundation for your advertising efforts.

Considering a billboard costs thousands of dollars a month, you will likely want to test whatever message you place on it with flyers first. Thinking about doing a TV commercial? Make sure your offer gets a good response with a few flyers first! Maybe you’re thinking of trying Facebook ads, but don’t know who to target. Use a local flyer campaign and have your receptionist ask a few demographic questions of each caller to help determine how to target your Facebook ads.


Overall, flyers are an essential part of any local marketing plan. Your business doesn’t need to be the talk of the town to be successful, but it would help a lot if you’re the talk of your local neighborhood! I’ve seen many businesses make the mistake of trying to spread their marketing message far and wide. In the end, they see few results because they were so broad and unfocused in their targeting.

Instead, focus on getting a smaller group of people to love you and vouch for you! Use local flyer marketing to appeal to the right market and only spread your message further when you have maximized that local market. That’s how you become Local Famous!

Over the next five articles, I will show you exactly how to create a flyer marketing system that does all of this for your small business. I’ll even show you how to set it up on “auto pilot” so that you are consistently reaching your target audience without much work on your part. Hopefully, you will be as successful with flyers as our clients and use flyers for years to come within your business!

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