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    We make real estate agents Local Famous

    Get more high-quality seller leads by becoming well known, liked and trusted in your favorite area of town.



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    We make real estate agents Local Famous

    Get more high-quality seller leads by becoming well known, liked and trusted in your favorite area of town.



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    We make real estate agents Local Famous

    Get more high-quality seller leads by becoming well known, liked and trusted in your favorite area of town.




Local Famous means that the majority of people in a geographic area know, like and trust you. We help real estate agents achieve Local Fame and become the go-to agent in their favorite area of town through a 3-part, consistent monthly system. How much is your time worth? We’ll help you leverage your time… so you can focus on creating relationships while we take care of the not-so-fun marketing work!





We design, print and deliver our special sticky flyers on the front door of homes in your selected farm area, helping you get more attention than with a direct mail campaign. We specifically design the flyer content to position you as the go-to local real estate expert and help you start conversations with sellers.



Every month, we create and manage targeted Facebook video ads and website retargeting ads that keep you in front of your most likely prospects online. These ads help you demonstrate your expertise and generate seller leads. Plus, we make the video creation process as comfortable and FUN as possible for you!



We create a tailored plan with you that helps you meet people in your farm area and develop trusting relationships! We also guide you through creating community events and other activities that help you make the most of our system…while being time and cost-effective.


Our flyers get A LOT more attention than mailers or door hangers.


Sticky flyer marketing helps you get your message into the hands of EVERY homeowner in your favorite area of town. Each month, you can sit back while we take care of getting a professionally designed sticky flyer on every front door. Our all-inclusive flyer marketing service includes…

✓ DESIGN. Our graphic designer designs a professional flyer each month that represents your brand. Each flyer features your business information PLUS locally focused or educational content that appeals to people living in your farm area.

✓ PRINTING. We handle the printing of 4.25 x 11 inch, full-color sticky flyers. These flyers have a residue-free adhesive on the back that can be safely stuck to the front door of homes.

✓ FLYER DELIVERY. You can skip the walking. Our flyer dropper team will deliver your flyers to the front door of every house in your farm area. We even GPS track and provide maps of the delivery.

✓ RESULTS TRACKING. We use tracking phone numbers, custom landing pages and other techniques to track the calls, messages and online leads you receive from the flyers.

Real Estate Facebook video advertising


Stay top of mind online with engaging digital ads on Facebook and other websites.


When homeowners in your target local areas visit Facebook and other websites, we show ads featuring your real estate business! Our ad campaigns focus on featuring videos of YOU demonstrating your expertise in the real estate industry and the local area. Video is the most compelling way for you to show off your personality, engage with new people and build trust online. We use a mix of video ads and more promotional ads to build brand awareness and collect high-quality leads.

Once again, our Facebook and website retargeting services are all-inclusive. Our Facebook advertising services include…

✓ VIDEO CREATION. We work with you to plan and shoot a series of engaging educational and promotional videos. Our team crafts compelling videos that get our message out effectively in a short amount of time.

✓ AUDIENCE TARGETING. We handle the backend of Facebook’s ad platform for you. Our Facebook ad specialists work to show your ads to the right people for the lowest possible cost. We even track visitors to your website and keep you in front of your most engaged prospects.

✓ AD DESIGN & MANAGEMENT. Every month, we handle the ad design and copywriting for your different ad campaigns. Plus, we constantly monitor results to tweak and improve.

✓ RESULTS TRACKING. We use tracking phone numbers, custom landing pages and other techniques to track the calls, messages and online leads that result from your Facebook ads.


Solidify your relationships with residents of your farm area through community activities.


Our sticky flyer marketing and online ads help you grab and keep mindshare, as well as build trust with local homeowners. Engaging with the community in person each month will further help you solidify those relationships and close even more deals.

We work with you to plan out your community involvement in a way that is both time and cost-effective for you. That way, you only put effort into the most valuable face-to-face community opportunities, whether it be occasional door knocking, event planning, educational seminars, etc.

This is the most custom aspect of our 3-part system since your community engagement needs to genuinely fit your personality, style and interests! Our role is to help with planning, implementation and accountability through it all. Talk to us to learn how our 3-part real estate marketing system works to make you Local Famous!

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  • "Due to our flyer campaign with Connect Marketing, we exceeded our enrollment goals and currently have students on waiting lists anxious to join our school community!"

    Patrice Coffin, Carondelet Leadership Academy
  • "Vanessa Lobo is great with marketing and she is also a graphic artist and designer. She created a speaker sheet for me to use for marketing myself as a public speaker. She was able to take all of my ideas, images, testimonials and information and craft it into an elegant presentation. She worked quickly and was fun to work with. Printed materials that have a lot of text can be overwhelming. The speaker sheet Vanessa made include lots of information without seeming cluttered at all. Very pleased!"

    Dr. Rebecca Gould, The Healing Center
  • "If you or your business needs help with local marketing, direct marketing, or social media - Do yourself a favor and call them!"

    Harry Evans, Roof One Restoration
  • "Connect Marketing is terrific at helping you implement a marketing plan and strategy that is organized, systemized, and produces results! They take the guess work out of marketing. They also deliver in a timely manner and really work to understand your message."

    Dan Asher, Asher Realty

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